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Nascha scouted the oncoming warband. Her eyes glistened from the torches down below as she gripped her axes.

Nascha headshot


Warchief of the Ooljee Tribe

Story written by Daniel Gleason III

Torak-Ura towered over the others, wielding a menacing obsidian sword. The rumored half-giant locked eyes with Nascha, releasing a guttural roar as he leapt into battle. Her eyes widened in alarm as he took hold of a nearby fallen warrior and flung the corpse at Nascha. Dodging the attack, she

“Ooljee warriors! Our enemies have arrived! Now we must prove our worth. Make our ancestors proud!” her Warchief announced.

Led by the thunder of war drums, was the Jaka Tribe, famous for their savagery. They rushed the Ooljee, overwhelming the first wave of defense, smashing the gates down with ease. Nascha’s Warchief fought proudly, but was struck down by a hulking Jaka tribesman in the end.

clutched her axes and threw them in quick succession, each hitting their mark. His face contorted into a twisted smile as he tackled Nascha to the ground.

“Ooljee trash, bow to me…” he growled. Nascha snarled with disgust, saying, “My people bow to no one...”

Torak grabbed Nascha’s throat and began choking her. As Nascha winced in pain, an odd silence came over the encampment and a strange aura surrounded her. Torak loosened his grip and looked up to see a massive spectral entity staring him down. The being bonded with Nascha, reinvigorating her. She then took hold of Torak’s sword, and thrusted it though his eye. He screamed in agony and commanded his warriors to retreat. Nascha watched her enemies turn heel.

Nascha was brought to the Elders. “The Spirits showed themselves tonight, and have blessed us with this victory. As the spirits have chosen you, so too will we. Rise, Nascha, and take on this cherished mantle.” Nascha rose and stepped towards the Elders. They placed two feathers in her hair and painted a new symbol on her face, forever marking her as Warchief.


Nascha’s gameplay is the most independent compared to the other heroes. This gives her a lot of flexibility and consistency, but she won’t have the same synergistic strength with certain card types that the other heroes have.

Nascha’s main tool is her basic ability that allows her to attack twice per turn. Make use of this early by controlling the board as much as you can: you have the potential to kill companions twice as fast as you opponents. Late game you can focus on damaging heroes. Any equipments or attack boosts you get will be twice as effective on Nascha, and her late game abilities give you a lot of power to close out the game.

Avoid becoming too big of a threat early or drawing too much aggression towards yourself. Nascha’s defensive tools are fairly limited, and you’ll want to wait until you have a decent advantage or defensive option before you start really threatening your opponents.

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