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With his curiosity piqued, he stormed off to the Scrying Spire.  He set in place the necessary equipment effortlessly after having done it numerous times, and held up his scrying lens to the map of the city after muttering the incantations.

Arcanas headshot

Arcanas Invos

High Council Archmage of Vyse

Story written by Daniel Gleason III

researching spells.  Arcanas felt at home here, more so than anywhere else.

Arcanas had just finished the tedious paperwork associated with his position, which he mindlessly worked through, sitting back at his desk with his feet up on the table, he manipulated a quill writing on a scroll suspended in the air. His mind wandered off, thinking back to his time at Vyse Academy, where he spent the majority of his life studying and training his magic.  Once he finished the mundane task, he jumped up with vigor and promptly headed to The Exalted Athanaeum, a vast library at the Academy.

The grand building towered over the others, like a beacon of knowledge.  All sorts of scholars and Grand Magi roamed the grounds, exchanging ideas and

As he passed through the gate, the guards nodded in acknowledgement.  He went straight to the scroll cases, which were kept behind a magical ward.  His face scrunched up when he noticed something odd; one of the more prominent scrolls was missing from its tube. 

The lens vibrated and he put his hands up on the table as his head rolled back, his eyes becoming cloudy.  A vision of a dark-clad woman appeared in his mind.  Arcanas then shook his head, which lightly throbbed from the process.

He chuckled and smiled lightly to himself as he stood up and gathered his gear, now knowing where he might find the evasive thief and her stolen scroll.


One of the first things you’ll notice when playing Arcanas is that he has more mana than any other Hero. This gives Arcanas a huge advantage if you are able to draw the right cards since immediately you’ll be able to play some of the most powerful spells in the game.

Arcanas basic ability causes all of your spells to deal some extra damage to your opponents, giving you some extra flexibility in the early game. Your main goal is going to be to gain as much card advantage as possible in order to combo cards together for a powerful finish.

Even though Arcanas has a lower health pool compared to other heroes, he has a good number of defensive and stall options available to him.

Arcanas especially excels against heroes who rely on armor for defense since most of his damage will be magical.

Arcanas Invos was always seeking higher knowledge.  Spells came to him effortlessly, even the more advanced ones.  But he was never satisfied with just his current list of spells.  He treated them like collectables; his mind a gallery of ideas and invocations.

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