On your cards you will notice some symbols. These symbols represent the 5 attributes in Hero: Tales of the Tomes.


Card Types

There are 4 types of cards you’ll come across throughout your games of Hero:


How to Read a Card


The Shared Deck

One of the most unique aspects of Hero compared to other card games is that all the players play off of one shared deck together. No prior deck building or collecting is required, everything you'll need to play will be available strait out of the box. There are two different decks you'll be using in your games – the Main Deck and the Side Deck.

The Main Deck


The deck of cards you’ll draw from as you play. This deck will contain the majority of your cards. Each player draws one card at the start of their turn. You’ll start the game by drawing 5 cards each from the main deck.

The Side Deck


The side deck contains all of the specialty cards that are only brought into play through other cards and abilities. You’ll never have to draw from the side deck, so you don’t have to worry about shuffling it.

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