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Responding to Actions

Responding with Spells and Abilities

Whenever a player plays a card or declares an attack the other players are given a chance to respond to it. Responding to other cards and attacks is a great way to negate their effects before they have a chance to activate. 

Whenever you use a spell or ability in response to a card or an attack, your action will activate first.

Here’s an example of how to negate the effect of a card coming into play: 

Step 1

Your opponent plays Spell Scholar which has an ability that activates when it comes into play.

Step 2

In response you play Fireball, dealing 4 damage to the Spell Scholar and killing it before its ability can resolve

Step 3

In response to your Fireball, your opponent plays Fracture Mage. Fracture Mage has an ability that allows it to be played in response to something, and when it comes into play it destroys a spell.

Because your Fireball was now destroyed by Fracture Mage’s ability, its damage effect was negated and didn’t get to kill the Spell Scholar. Nothing is stopping the Spell Scholar from coming into play, so now its ability gets to resolve.

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