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Playtest the next major expansion for Hero

Reign of the Onyx King

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Reign of the Onyx King introduces 4 new heroes, over 180 new cards with new mechanics, and a brand new game mode; Tyrant that pits the Onyx King against an allied team of heroes.

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I'm happy to introduce this print-and-play version of the next expansion for Hero for you to try out at home. The pandemic has made my usual playtesting procedure strained, so I’ve started looking into other ways to test out future content for the game and get feedback.

I hold the design and balance of this game in the highest regard and I know the quickest way to a great game is to iron out the details and try out ideas. Please keep in mind that everything in the playtest is an alpha version and is subject to change. The “illustrations” on the playtest cards have been lovingly dubbed the doodle deck by friends and players.

Once you try out the new cards and game mode, I’d highly appreciate it if you’d be willing to fill out the survey below so I can get your feedback. We also have a special reward system going on for those who submit feedback over the course of the playtesting window.

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feedback survey

Complete feedback survey after playing to unlock the following:
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