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Those who swear to protect the light will find themselves sheltered by it in turn.

Your Companions have +3H while defending.

3 Attack (A) / 4 Health (H)

Human Cleric


Level 3

Alabaster Guardian

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Frequently Asked Questions

Alabaster Guardian's passive ability will effect ALL of your Companions that are chosen to defend during your defense step.

The bonus health (H) is only while your Companions are defending and will go away once they stop defending. If Alabaster Guardian dies, is removed from the game, or loses its abilities, they will also lose the bonus health (H).

When taking damage, Companions lose the bonus health (H) first.

Losing the effect will attempt to take away from a Companion's missing health first. For example, if a Companion with 2 base health (H) was defending and had been dealt 2 damage, it would return to 2 health (H) when it loses the Alabaster Guardian effect.

Causing a Companion to defend in reaction to lethal damage with a card like War Tactics will effectively heal it and possibly prevent it from dying.

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