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Often cared for by sorcerers, wisps are said to be a sign of good fortune.

As long as Arcane Wisp is in play your Hero has +2M.

0 Attack (A) / 2 Health (H)



Level 0

Arcane Wisp

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can still attack with Arcane Wisp, it will just deal no damage unless buffed.

Arcane Wisp has no level requirement, but you can still only play it on your turn when you can normally play Companions.

If you have multiple Heroes in play, only one of them gets the bonus mana (M). You choose which one will receive the effect when Arcane Wisp comes into play.

The bonus mana (M) will count towards your spent mana (M) once used for cards like Mana Hollow.

Losing the effect will always attempt to take away from your spent mana (M) first.

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