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"My faith is stronger than any steel."

As long as Devoted Worshiper is in play your Hero can't die.

Devoted Worshiper can't be attacked.

0 Attack (A) / 1 Health (H)

Human Cleric


Level 1

Devoted Worshiper

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Frequently Asked Questions

Devoted Worshiper will prevent your Hero from dying, but they will still continue to take damage. Keep track your health (H) even as it continues to go negative.

If you have multiple Heroes in play, only one of them gets the death immunity. You choose which one will receive the effect when Devoted Worshiper comes into play.

The second ability prevents Devoted Worshiper from being attacked by any means, including by Heroes and Companions unaffected by Spells and abilities.

Even though Devoted Worshiper can't be attacked, it can still defend. Your opponents will not be able to attack Devoted Worshiper to reduce the defense shield.

The second ability does NOT prevent Devoted Worshiper from taking combat damage through effects like Retaliate.

You can still attack with Devoted Worshiper, it will just deal no damage unless buffed.

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