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2M, Sacrifice Gilded Trinket: Your Hero gets +2H for each enemy Companion in play.

Knights of the 4th Order were known to carry blessed charms for extra luck in battle.

+2 Mana (M)


Level 3

Gilded Trinket


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Frequently Asked Questions

The active ability can be negated in response by either destroying Gilded Trinket or removing it from the game.

If the active ability is negated in response to its activation, then you still have to pay the mana (M) cost.

The ability counts the number of enemy Companions in play once it resolves, so removing Companions from play in response will decrease the amount of health (H) gained.

Losing the mana (M) from Gilded Trinket will always attempt to take away from your spent mana (M) first.

Only the Hero that Gilded Trinket was equipped to can gain the health (H) from the active ability.

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