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Whenever Hell's Harbinger attacks, deal X Magic Damage to target Hero or Companion. X equals the number of cards in an opponent's hand.

The harbingers were the first to rise from the rings of hell, inflicting those found wicked with a burning scar.

6 Attack (A) / 6 Health (H)



Level 6

Hell's Harbinger

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Frequently Asked Questions

The ability counts the number of cards in your hand once it resolves, so if the opponent plays cards in response to the attack, the amount of damage dealt will be less.

The ability can be negated by either destroying Hell's Harbinger, removing it from the game, or causing it to lose its abilities. Additionally, the ability will be negated if the target of the damage is killed in response to the ability targeting it.

The opponent who's hand you use for the ability does not need to be the same one that you target with it. For example, you can target opponent A with the damage, but use the cards in opponent B's hand.

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