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XM: Each player may play a card from their hand that costs X without paying its costs. Any player may activate this ability.

"I can open a portal for us, but displacement magic is.....unstable at best. There's no way of knowing what else might make its way through."

0 Attack (A) / 5 Health (H)

Inari Mage


Level 2

Inari Summoner

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Frequently Asked Questions

You cannot pool mana (M) with another player. It only counts the mana (M) spent per activation.

Putting a card into play with the ability does not require you to meet any other prior costs to playing the card. You can play Companions or Equipment of higher level as long as the appropriate amount of mana (M) is spent.

Since abilities can be used at any time and on any player's turn, you can effectively play any Spell in your hand as a quick-cast Spell using the ability.

Everyone only gets to put a card into play that meets the exact same cost to the amount spent to activate the ability. For example, you can't put a level 3 Companion into play if someone spent 4 mana (M) for the ability.

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