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Alacrity 3, Retaliate. (This Companion can attack 3 times each turn. Whenever this Companion is attacked it also deals combat damage equal to its A to the attacker.)

At the end of your turn Lord of the Sixth Ring destroys all other damaged Companions.

"Death is just the beginning."

3 Attack (A) / 8 Health (H)

Demon Lord


Level 8

Lord of the Sixth Ring

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Frequently Asked Questions

Retaliate's damage is based on Lord of the Sixth Ring's attack (A), not the attacker's.

Retaliate damage is dealt at the same time as the attacker's damage.

Retaliate is considered combat damage, NOT an attack.

When Lord of the Sixth Ring is defending, Retaliate will only trigger if Lord of the Sixth Ring is the target of the attack, not whoever it is defending for.

The triggered ability will destroy ALL other Companions that have been dealt any damage previously. This includes allied Companions, not just enemy ones.

A damaged Companion is one that is missing any health (H) from previous damage.

Each attack with Alacrity is still done separately.

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