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If you are attacked while you control no Companions, you may put Selfless Defender from your hand into play and redirect the attack to it.

Retaliate. (Whenever this Companion is attacked it also deals combat damage equal to its A to the attacker.)

"Get behind me!"

5 Attack (A) / 4 Health (H)



Level 4

Selfless Defender

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you put Selfless Defender into play using its effect, you do not have to meet the normal requirements to playing it.

Retaliate's damage is based on Selfless Defender's attack (A), not the attacker's.

Retaliate damage is dealt at the same time as the attacker's damage.

Retaliate is considered combat damage, NOT an attack.

When Selfless Defender is defending, Retaliate will only trigger if Selfless Defender is the target of the attack, not whoever it is defending for.

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