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Whenever a Hero gains life remove them from the Quest. When there is only 1 Hero remaining, they get +10H.

"Find time to center yourself. Be as still as the mountains. Let your spirit flow like the river. Never forget that good things come to those who wait."

Test of Patience

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Frequently Asked Questions

Quests will immediately activate as soon as they come to the top of the deck.

If multiple cards were being drawn from the deck and a Quest comes up, set the Quest aside and wait for the other effects to finish before putting it into play.

Quests are not allowed to be in your hand. If one was to be added to your hand for any reason, activate it instead.

This is not a hard rule, but I generally ignore a Quest that is at the top of the deck at the start of a game, since it will likely have no impact on the game and just be wasted.

Gaining life includes equipping Equipment that give your Hero more health (H).

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