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Whenever Unyielding Zombie would die, instead return it to play under the current player's control and give it +1A.

"Don't waste your time killing it, I find it best to just point them in another direction."

1 Attack (A) / 2 Health (H)


Level 3

Unyielding Zombie


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Frequently Asked Questions

Unyielding Zombie doesn't enter the graveyard when it dies, so it won't trigger any death based effects.

Unyielding Zombie can still only attack once per turn, even if it dies and comes back under the same player's control.

The attack (A) buff stacks every time Unyielding Zombie dies.

Removing Unyielding Zombie from the game, or causing it to lose its abilities, will make it loose its buff and not return to play.

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