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The name began as a whisper in the leaves. Earth and soil coalesced, swirling around in a wild rush. Energy from the surrounding flora and fauna gathered, breathing life into the guardian of their realm. “Rise.” commanded the soul of the forest, and with that command Heathanmoore was born.

Hethanmoore headshot


Guardian of the Seldrasyl Woods

Story written by Daniel Gleason III

poured out of its nostrils as the dryad stopped before the monstrosity.

Many ages ago, when the state of the world was still settling, primal forces contested one another for dominance. Deep in the Everforest, Heathanmoore felt a disturbance near the western perimeter of Seldrasyl’s domain.  He stretched his consciousness through the forest until he sensed the root of the disturbance: a massive magma colossus, raging its way through the terrain, destroying all in its wake.

He rushed towards the living firestorm and ushered the nearby denizens of the thicket to safety before facing the beast.  The colossus writhed in chaos as it spewed magma from its mouth across a swathe of trees. Thick smoke

Heathanmoore locked eyes with the entity, attempting to bend its mind to his will.  The beast’s mouth frothed with hot slag as it roared and attempted to smash down its club-like arm.  Heathanmoore’s brow furrowed as his mind battled with the force of nature.

The magma beast paused for a moment before staggering to the ground, giving up all hope of rebellion.  Its eyes closed, and it let loose a heavy, weary sigh.  Heathanmoore bowed his head to the colossus as it fell to the ground. 

“Be at peace.”

Soon it became one with the ground, forming a mountain of obsidian and igneous rock. Heathanmoore gazed out at the destruction before him, but knew, that in time, this burning scar would become fertile earth for the forest once more.


Heathanmoore’s gameplay is entirely focused on your companions. All of Heathanmoore’s abilities either synergize with, or help you get more companions. Heathanmoore also boasts the highest health in the game and has a lot of healing options. The downside of all this health however, is that he never gains any armor or form of damage mitigation. Even though your health may start off high, you’ll have to have a strong board throughout the mid game in order to survive.

Heathanmoore’s basic ability gives him a huge early advantage by allowing him to play companions as if he were 2 levels higher. Even though at first glance you’ll be able to use his basic ability to play higher level companions, don’t forget that you can also use it to go wide on the board a lot easier than your opponents. A lot of player’s will look at Heathanmoore’s high health as an easy excuse to attack him first, be careful not to add too much to that by playing really big companions when you’re not ready to defend them.

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