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Lost Heroics 1

Uncover the lost stories of 3 new heroes!

This expansion pack introduces Briar, Gwendolyn, and the fearsome Ju'golach to Hero: Tales of the Tomes. Each hero offers a completely new way to play and approach the game, with a slew of devastating abilities to wipe out your opponents and harness the cards of the deck. With so much potential between these new heroes, only one question remains:
Who will you play first?


This expansion pack is meant to be played with Hero: Tales of the Tomes. Each set includes the following:

3 Hero Cards - Briar of Grindlehallow, Gwendolyn Vale, & Ju'golach

1 Gwendolyn Illusion Card

12 Hero Ability Cards

Lost Heroics 1

SKU: TKH250290
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