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Getting Started

Using Your Hero

At the start of every round (the first player’s turn) your hero will level up, gaining new abilities, increasing your power and allowing you to play stronger cards.


On even levels your hero will gain new abilities. Ability cards are double-sided, giving you a choice between which ability you want when the time comes. When you reach the appropriate level you will decided which side of the ability you want to use for the remainder of the game.

Any bolded text that is followed by a colon is the cost required to use an active ability. Active abilities can be used at any time on any player’s turn.

On odd levels your hero will gain an increase in power. Attributes will be covered more in the next section, but the most important thing to keep in mind for now is the green symbol.

The green plus symbol shows you your hero’s starting health, and when your health reaches 0 your hero will be defeated and you will be out of the game.

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