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The first major expansion to
Hero: Tales of the Tomes


Hero: Tales of the Tomes is a multiplayer card game in which each of the players takes the role of a legendary hero and battles it out until only one is left standing. The gameplay is fast and exciting. With all the potential for twists and comebacks, you'll never truly feel out of the game.

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Choose Your Hero

Unique and powerful, each of the 5 heroes has a different playstyle that will appeal to everyone differently.

At the start of every round your hero will level up: gaining new abilities, increasing your power, and allowing you to play stronger cards.

One Deck for

All Players

One of the most unique aspects of Hero compared to other card games is that all of the players play off of one shared deck.

No prior deck building or collecting is required. You can just grab a few friends, sit down, and play a game.

Hero: Tales of the Tomes Main Deck

Many will play,

Only One will Win

Hero: Tales of the Tomes offers a fresh and new experience to the card game genre. Supporting 2-5 players across 3 different ways to play means that the game will continue to give you new ways to explore and have fun.

The journey continues

Hero: Tales of the Tomes started as a small passion project of mine, and has grown into a rich playable world for new and seasoned gamers alike.
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