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From the jungles of Mizerak, he learned to calm just about any beast.

When Beast Tamer comes into play gain control of target Beast Companion.

5 Attack (A) / 3 Health (H)

Human Scout


Level 5

Beast Tamer

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Frequently Asked Questions

The come into play effect can only be used when Beast Tamer enters play.

The ability can be negated in response to its trigger by either destroying Beast Tamer, removing it from the game, or causing it to lose its abilities.

The come into play trigger activates when Beast Tamer comes into play for any reason, not just when it is played from your hand.

Gaining control of a Beast does NOT cause it to reenter play, just move to your side of the board.

Any Companion with the subtype "Beast" can be controlled with the come into play effect.

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