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Level 6

Hero Ability


Whenever the first Companion dies each turn you may pay 3H. If you do, look at the top 3 cards of the deck, then add one to your hand and put the others into the graveyard.

Blood Prophecy

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Frequently Asked Questions

The ability will only trigger on the first Companion death. If you passed on the ability for the first Companion, you will NOT be able to activate it for later Companion deaths.

You do not have to reveal the cards that you look at. However, once they enter the graveyard the other players will be able to know what cards they are.

Spending health (H) for the ability can kill your Hero.

If you have multiple Heroes, Scathtassia must spend the health (H) for the ability.

If your Hero has 0 or less health (H) and is still alive due to a card like Devoted Worshiper, you can still use the ability. Keep track your health (H) even as it continues to go negative.

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