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Level 6

Hero Ability




Whenever another Hero loses health, Briar gets +1A until the end of your turn.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Retaliate's damage is based on Briar's attack (A), not the attacker's.

Retaliate damage is dealt at the same time as the attacker's damage.

Retaliate is considered combat damage, NOT an attack.

Briar gains the bonus attack (A) until the end of YOUR turn, whether that be the current turn or your next turn if it triggers on another player's turn.

The ability triggers whether the lost health was due to damage or from an effect that causes health loss such as spending it for an ability.

The ability triggers from any Hero other than Briar losing health, even allied Heroes.

If multiple Heroes lose health at the same time, Briar gets +1A for each Hero that lost health.

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