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Wild Witch of Thorns

2 Attack (A) / 6 Mana (M) / 1 Armor (R)

3 Attack (A) / 8 Mana (M) / 1 Armor (R)

4 Attack (A) / 11 Mana (M) / 2 Armor (R)


Whenever Briar or a Companion you control is the target of an attack, Spell or ability your opponents control, you may deal 1 Physical Damage to their Hero.

Briar of Grindlehallow

1 Attack (A) / 4 Mana (M) / 0 Armor (R)

Hero Abilities

Featured in Lost Heroics 1

Frequently Asked Questions

Briar's basic ability triggers immediately upon target and does not wait for the attack, Spell or ability to resolve before dealing damage.

If the triggering opponent has more than one Hero you choose which one to deal the damage to.

Physical Damage is reduced by armor (R).

Effects that don't specifically target Briar or her Companions will not trigger the ability. (for example, effects that deal damage to ALL Heroes or ALL Companions.)

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