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Wild Witch of Thorns

2 Attack (A) / 6 Mana (M) / 1 Armor (R)

3 Attack (A) / 8 Mana (M) / 1 Armor (R)

4 Attack (A) / 11 Mana (M) / 2 Armor (R)


Whenever Briar or a Companion you control is the target of an attack, Spell or ability your opponents control, you may deal 1 Physical Damage to their Hero.

Briar of Grindlehallow

1 Attack (A) / 4 Mana (M) / 0 Armor (R)

Hero Abilities

Frequently Asked Questions

The ability doesn't reduce the cost of your Companions, just allows you to play them as if you were a higher level.

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