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Grand Artisan Blacksmith

3 Attack (A) / 4 Mana (M) / 2 Armor (R)

4 Attack (A) / 6 Mana (M) / 3 Armor (R)

4 Attack (A) / 8 Mana (M) / 4 Armor (R)


2M: Search the side deck for a Basic Equipment and add it to your hand.

Whenever an Equipment comes into play under your control you may pay 1M to draw a card.

Darren Vane

2 Attack (A) / 3 Mana (M) / 1 Armor (R)

Hero Abilities

Frequently Asked Questions

The four Basic Equipment are Balanced Stone, Bracer, Gauntlets and Leather Tunic.

Once they have all been removed from the side deck, the active ability will have no effect.

The triggered ability is optional, so you do not have to pay the mana (M) if you do not want to.

You only get to draw the card if you pay the mana (M) cost.

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