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2M, sacrifice a Companion: You get +8H.

Whenever you are attacked the attacking player must sacrifice or discard a card for each attacking Hero or Companion.

The scales of dragons shield a fiery soul.

+6 Armor (R)

Legendary Equipment

Level 8

Dragon-Scale Bulwark


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Frequently Asked Questions

Both abilities can be negated in response to their triggers by either destroying Dragon-Scale Bulwark or removing it from the game.

Destroying the Companion in response to the sacrifice will negate the ability.

If the active ability is negated in response to its activation, then you still have to pay the mana (M) cost, but you do NOT have to sacrifice the Companion.

The second ability triggers as soon as they declare the attack, not after they deal combat damage.

If the attacking player doesn't have anything in hand or in play the second ability will NOT prevent them from attacking with their Hero.

Once they are pulled from the side deck, all side deck cards behave like a normal card would. They can be added to your hand, and are sent to the graveyard when destroyed, discarded or resolved.

Side deck cards do not return to the side deck unless they specifically say otherwise.

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