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Your opponent's play with their hands revealed.

3M: Deal X Magic Damage to target Hero or Companion. X equals the number of Spells under your opponent's control and in their hands.

The gaze of an old god that pierces the mind.

+3 Attack (A) / +6 Mana (M)

Legendary Equipment

Level 8

Eye of the Ancients


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Frequently Asked Questions

All players can see revealed hands, not just the player that controls Eye of the Ancients.

The active ability can be negated in response to its trigger by either destroying Eye of the Ancients or removing it from the game.

If the active ability is negated in response to its activation, then you still have to pay the mana (M) cost.

"Spells under your opponent's control" includes Spells they're currently using and any buff Spells they may have in play.

Losing the mana (M) from Eye of the Ancients will always attempt to take away from your spent mana (M) first.

Once they are pulled from the side deck, all side deck cards behave like a normal card would. They can be added to your hand, and are sent to the graveyard when destroyed, discarded or resolved.

Side deck cards do not return to the side deck unless they specifically say otherwise.

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