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X equals the number of Equipment you control.

Your Equipment cannot be destroyed.

The fallen star formed to a wielder's wrath.

+X Attack (A) / +1 Armor (R)

Legendary Equipment

Level 8

Hammer of Pollus


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Frequently Asked Questions

Hammer of Pollus's attack (A) bonus is retroactive and will change as your Equipment enter or leave play.

As long as Hammer of Pollus is in play, your Equipment cannot be destroyed by any means.

Your Equipment can still be sacrificed through effects like Helm of Altars.

Removing your Equipment from the game is still allowed as it does not destroy them.

Once they are pulled from the side deck, all side deck cards behave like a normal card would. They can be added to your hand, and are sent to the graveyard when destroyed, discarded or resolved.

Side deck cards do not return to the side deck unless they specifically say otherwise.

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