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Whenever a Companion enters the graveyard deal 2 Magic Damage to target Hero.

4M, sacrifice a Companion: Target player discards a card.

An edge imbued with every soul it claims.

+2 Attack (A) / +1 Mana (M)


Level 5

Reaper's Scythe


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Frequently Asked Questions

The ability will trigger whenever a Companion enters the graveyard for any reason, not just when it goes into the graveyard from play.

Both abilities can be negated in response to their triggers by either destroying Reaper's Scythe or removing it from the game.

Attempting to destroy the sacrificed Companion in response to the active ability will not negate it, or make them waste the mana (M). They will have to choose a different Companion or they will not be able to use the ability.

If the active ability is negated in response to its activation, then you do NOT have to pay the mana (M) cost or sacrifice the Companion.

You can only sacrifice a Companion YOU control.

Losing the mana (M) from Reaper's Scythe will always attempt to take away from your spent mana (M) first.

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