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Seldrasyl is unaffected by Spells and abilities. (She can still be damaged by them.)

When Seldrasyl dies, return it to the side deck instead of putting it into the graveyard.

"Rise," commanded the Soul of the Forest, and with that command Heathanmoore was born.

15 Attack (A) / 15 Health (H)

Legendary Companion

Level 10

Seldrasyl, Spirit of the Everforest


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Frequently Asked Questions

Seldrasyl is unaffected by ALL Spells and abilities, not just ones that target her, whether they be enemy or allied.

Spells and abilities that deal damage still function as normal, just the other effects are ignored.

Being unaffected by Spells and abilities does NOT prevent it from being sacrificed through an effect like Helm of Altars or Reaper's Scythe.

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