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When you play Staff of Ages you may reveal a Spell in your hand and have it come into play attached to this card as an ability that can only be used once per round.


4M: Draw a card.

A relic from an illustrious line of mages in Vyse.

+1 Attack (A) / +3 Mana (M)


Level 5

Staff of Ages


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Frequently Asked Questions

The play effect can only be used when Staff of Ages is played. If you pass on the trigger, you won't be able to activate the ability at a later time.

Regardless of the type of Spell chosen, you can use the ability it becomes at any time and on any players turn, just like any other ability.

The attached Spell can still be targeted or destroyed through normal effects once it becomes an ability.

If Staff of Ages is destroyed, the attached Spell is destroyed as well.

The ability provided by the attached Spell requires the same amount of mana (M) to activate as the Spell would to play normally.

The first ability is a play effect, not an effect that waits for Staff of Ages to ENTER play. This means you cannot stop the Staff of Ages from coming into play with a Spell attached to it.

The active ability and the ability provided by the Spell can be negated in response by either destroying Staff of Ages or removing it from the game.

Losing the mana (M) from Staff of Ages will always attempt to take away from your spent mana (M) first.

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