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Mortals too easily forget about the things that dwell in the dark corners of this world. The village of Northbreach was no different, seemingly hidden from the darkness, at least for some time.

Scathtasscia headshot


Matriarch of the Breathless

Story written by Daniel Gleason III

As he was making his rounds, Jacob felt a strange presence throughout the town.  Eyes of all sizes and shapes protruded from various surfaces, gazing at him like he was an animal in a cage.  Even when he closed his eyes, these phantom pupils would penetrate his thoughts, eternally keeping him in view.  A tall figure stayed just beyond the shadows, its eyes glistening as they observed him.

Nondescript in every aspect, the small village was tucked away between two towering mountains. On a particularly cold summer night, a dark whisper on the breeze crept into the village. Those sleeping became restless and unsettled. A local by the name of Gareth Parson bolted from his bed to the window beside it. As he looked out into the nearby fields he noticed the farmers were pulling up dead crops, all their labors for the season for naught. As he watched, the light outside played tricks on him. Shadows danced amongst the orchards, like some fiendish cult dancing around a witch’s fire. Tree limbs attempted to grab him, and hideous faces grinned down on him from the clouds.

The next day the streets were nearly deserted, everyone was on edge and afraid to leave their homes for long.  The town crier, Jacob Dunham, announced Odette Lyra had gone missing the previous night.  Rumors were that she ran into the woods, screaming a name they couldn’t understand. Rather than risk a search, everyone hoped that she was out playing and would come back soon.

And then there was Karl Harp, mayor of Northbreach.  Normally a kind and generous man, recently however he had shut himself in his home and turned away all visitors. From the street below a villager looked up to the Mayor’s office window and saw him clutching the curtains, nervously peering outside. A glowering shape silhouetted behind him, its hair curling and writhing like a mass of worms.  Mayor Harp was sheet white and covered in sweat as a blood-red claw slowly reached out and clasped around his throat.  He timidly turned around, and for a brief moment saw a terrible creature.  His face contorted with fear as its visage burned deep into his mind. Just a moment later, it was gone, but the image remained to forever haunt him, along with a name:  Scathtassia.


Scathtassia is the most late game oriented hero and even though she never gains attack by leveling up, her basic ability allows her to kill any companion in a single hit. This gives her great ability to control the game and buy time to get to her later abilities.

Your greatest weakness as Scathtassia will be your early game. Even though you can kill any companion, wide boards with lots of companions will be difficult to bring down and can often overwhelm you. Try to not draw too much aggression until you can start to pull back your health with your later abilities.

Scathtassia’s greatest strength is her unique ability to interact with cards in the graveyard. Either through gaining life when companions die, or by pulling them back from the graveyard for herself. Once you start to get a few of your other abilities, Scathtassia’s ability to control the game gets extremely powerful.

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