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"Oh a Titan's Bane you say? I've got a guy who can get you that, but you might not like the price..."

When Black Market Smuggler comes into play you may target two Equipment and swap control of them with each other.

2 Attack (A) / 3 Health (H)

Human Rogue


Level 3

Black Market Smuggler

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Frequently Asked Questions

The come into play effect can only be used when Black Market Smuggler enters play. If you pass on the trigger, you won't be able to activate the ability at a later time.

The ability can be negated in response to its trigger by either destroying Black Market Smuggler, removing it from the game, or causing it to lose its abilities.

The come into play trigger activates when Black Market Smuggler comes into play for any reason, not just when it is played from your hand.

Swapping control of the Equipment does NOT cause them to reenter play, just move to a different side of the board.

The two Equipment must be controlled by different players. You do not have to be either of the players for the ability to work.

If there is only one Equipment in play, or if only one player controls Equipment, the ability won't do anything.

Because the ability says "may," you do not have to activate the ability if you do not want to swap Equipment.

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