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Level 1:

Level 3:

Level 5:

Level 7:

Health (H):

Hero Ability:


Renegade Spell Thief

2 Attack (A) / 7 Mana (M) / 1 Armor (R)

2 Attack (A) / 9 Mana (M) / 1 Armor (R)

3 Attack (A) / 12 Mana (M) / 2 Armor (R)


At the start of your turn, each player draws an extra card. Then deal Magic Damage to each enemy Hero equal to the number of cards they have in their hand over 5.

Gwendolyn Vale

1 Attack (A) / 5 Mana (M) / 0 Armor (R)

Hero Abilities

Featured in Lost Heroics 1

Frequently Asked Questions

"Start of turn" effects trigger before you draw your card for the turn.

When players draw cards simultaneously deal them out in turn order starting with the current player.

Players playing or drawing cards in response to the ability can decrease or increase the amount of damage their Hero will be dealt once it resolves.

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