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Maw from the Red Canyon

0 Attack (A) / 5 Mana (M) / 1 Armor (R)

0 Attack (A) / 7 Mana (M) / 1 Armor (R)

0 Attack (A) / 9 Mana (M) / 1 Armor (R)


1M, sacrifice a Companion: Ju'golach gains A and H equal to the sacrificed Companion's current A and H. You can only use this ability once per turn.


0 Attack (A) / 3 Mana (M) / 1 Armor (R)

Hero Abilities

Featured in Lost Heroics 1

Frequently Asked Questions

You can respond to the ability to change the amount of attack (A) and health (H) Ju'golach will gain once it resolves.

If the ability is negated by having Ju'golach lose their abilities through an effect like Silence, then you still have to pay the mana (M) cost, but you do NOT have to sacrifice the Companion.

Destroying the Companion in response to the sacrifice will negate the ability.

Once a Companion has been chosen for sacrifice you cannot change your decision, even if players respond to the sacrifice by modifying chosen Companion's attack (A) and/or health (H).

You can only sacrifice a Companion YOU control.

Causing Ju'golach to lose their abilities will not cause them to lose any attack (A) they might have accrued.

Once per turn effects can be used on EACH player's turn.

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