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Level 4

Hero Ability


2H, discard a card: Draw 2 cards. You can only use this ability once per round.

Salvage Remains

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Frequently Asked Questions

Once per round abilities refresh at the start of your turn regardless of when they were used.

The active ability costs 2 health (H) and requires you to discard a card. Spending health for an ability is not damage and cannot be prevented.

Spending health (H) for the active ability can kill your Hero.

If you have multiple Heroes, Scathtassia must spend the health (H) for the active ability.

If your Hero has 0 or less health (H) and is still alive due to a card like Devoted Worshiper, you can still use the ability. Keep track your health (H) even as it continues to go negative.

Because discarding a card is a part of the cost, you cannot activate the ability if you have no cards to discard.

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