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Secret Quest


Each player draws a card.

For the rest of the game, at the end of each player's turn they discard a card if able and add it to the hand of the player to their left.

In every culture, every world, and every tale...there is always a first.

Myth of the First

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Frequently Asked Questions

Quests will immediately activate as soon as they come to the top of the deck.

If multiple cards were being drawn from the deck and a Quest comes up, set the Quest aside and wait for the other effects to finish before putting it into play.

Quests are not allowed to be in your hand. If one was to be added to your hand for any reason, activate it instead.

The second effect is active for the rest of the game and is not optional. You cannot destroy the Quest later to stop its effect.

You give the card to the player to your left, or to the player which follows you immediately in the turn order (since standard play is clockwise turn order), whichever is more convenient.

Myths are powerful Quests with permanent, game altering effects.

Consider starting a game with a Myth in play and see how it changes the game from how it is normally played.

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