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Whenever your Hero deals combat damage put 2 page counters on Page Turner.

4M, Unequip: Reveal the top X cards of the deck. Put a card among them that costs X or less into play and the rest on the bottom in a random order. X equals the number of page counters on Page Turner.

Leave no page unturned.

Secret Equipment

Level 2

Page Turner


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Frequently Asked Questions

The triggered ability will trigger off of ANY combat damage. This includes Retaliate if your Hero gains the ability.

Combat damage is not considered dealt if all of your Hero's damage was blocked by armor (R) or by defenders.

Page counters are a miscellaneous for tracking Page Turner's effect and do not require specific tokens/trackers.

The active and triggered abilities can be negated in response by either destroying Page Turner or removing it from the game.

If the active ability is negated in response to its activation, then you still have to pay the mana (M) cost.

The Equipment will not be shuffled back into the deck with the Unequip effect until after the ability resolves.

The active ability puts the chosen card into play, it does not let you play it as if it were in your hand.

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