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When Secret Keeper comes into play reveal the top 3 cards of the deck, then secretly choose 1 to add to your hand. Target opponent guesses which card you chose and adds the other 2 cards to their hand if they guess correctly. Put any remaining cards on the bottom of the deck in any order.

"I'll never tell..."

3 Attack (A) / 3 Health (H)

Secret Companion

Level 3

Secret Keeper


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Frequently Asked Questions

The come into play effect can only be used when Secret Keeper enters play. If you pass on the trigger, you won't be able to activate the ability at a later time.

The ability can be negated in response by either destroying Secret Keeper, removing it from the game, or causing it to lose its abilities.

The come into play trigger activates when Secret Keeper comes into play for any reason, not just when it is played from your hand.

The 3 cards are revealed, so all players at the table get to see them.

You can use any method to secretly choose your card, just make sure the other players can't tell which you've chosen.

You choose the opponent that will guess which card you chose. If they guess correctly, they will get the remaining 2 cards.

Destroying Secret Keeper in response to them guessing correctly would cause no one to get the cards from it.

Adding a card to your hand is not the same as drawing a card for other triggers and effects.

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